Update…. just a little of the last several months

Miles/Gee Wedding

Fort Worth Pediatric Denistry

The McCoy Kiddos

The Anderson Family

Introducing… Ida Cate

Brody & Bennett

Ms. Leila

The Steinbergers

Mr. Matthew…the senior

Introducing… Ms. Tylar

The Bowen Family

Mr. Campbell is just TOO cute!

Currently working on this adorable 3 month old! Can’t wait for the family to see all the fabulous goodness that is captured of Mr. Campbell… here is a peak

My baby turned 1!

I’m way behind on posting this but you know how it goes…. time flies when your having fun!

Happy Birthday my sweet, hard headed, dare devil, smart, beautiful, silly, little Honey B we call Brynn. aka: Brynnzilla


The Alvarez Family

Adam & Fernanda are getting married!!

The Ward Family

This family is GREAT!!!

This is a sneak at what I am currently working on and boy, I am one lucky girl to know this great family! Love them!!

Ms. Brett turns 1!

This happy sweet adorable little girl turned 1 last month! Where does the time go?!? I have been capturing this beauty since she was born.

Look at how much she has grown…. still as precious as ever though!

Sweet new blessings in this world….

Introducing the beautiful Ms. Campbell


the sweet Mr. Colten






Playing a little catch up….

Here are some pics I have been meaning to post…

This lady is turning in to one beautiful woman.  Madison you are such a joy!

and this family means the WORLD to me!! I love them all to pieces and this little girl is turning 1! Happy birthday my sweet sweet Ella! :)

The Story Family

This beautiful mama has two adorable fun little guys on her hands! Such a fun session!

Janie, Jay and Piper